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ADA Systems specialises in Compressed Air System Optimisation.

Before a system can be optimised, the reliability of each component must be ensured to obtain a stable system which can be optimised.  This is achieved through comprehensive system audits, providing specific recommendations and maintenance plans.  This phase may include equipment specific training provided to operating and maintenance staff to ensure system reliability and stability is maintained at all times.

Air Demand Analysis includes services such as air flow measurements to determine the performance of the compressed air system and the demand patterns of the plant or equipment using the compressed air.  Having such information available forms the basis from which an air system can be optimised to provide the required air supply at the desired air quality and the lowest energy cost. Such measuring instruments may be used for specific periods to conduct audits or used as permanent sensors to provide continuous monitoring of a compressed air system.

Air System monitoring and control is offered through central controllers which may control all the equipment and provide visualisation of parameters on a website and/or SMS notification of alarms and service notifications.     


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